Looking for a way to spend your summer? If you love Jesus and are looking for a way to serve Him than consider being a part of the ABK Summer Staff Team.

We asked a few Summer Staff to answer a simple question, “Why Summer Staff?” Here are some of the responses we received.

For me, Summer Staff is an amazing opportunity to serve Jesus, grow in my faith, and have an impact on so many campers. It also is a great chance to meet amazing people. My closest friends have been people I have met while on Summer Staff. Every summer has been full of growth, memories, and so many laughs. I honestly wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything – there is nothing quite like serving on Summer Staff.”     – Brooke B.

Having been a camper since Kiddies Camp, and then a volunteer for multiple summers, Summer Staff was a chance for me to be fully involved with camp and focused on God at the same time. I have always said Camp ABK is my favourite place on the planet, so being here for two months while being able to pursue God without any distractions is something that is unfathomable.” – Emma B.

Please consider applying – applications must be post marked or emailed by March 1st. You can download your 2024 Summer Staff Application form HERE.

Be a part of the Legacy!